Online Exhibitions

Explore virtual versions of past and present exhibitions, as well as diving into object stories from across the collections.

MAA Colour: Art, Science & Power

COLOUR integrates insights from the arts, humanities and the sciences, bringing together extraordinary objects and artworks from different times and places. 

This virtual exhibition is a condensed version of that on display at MAA from July 2022 – April 2023, showcasing remarkable and diverse collections from across the University of Cambridge museums, libraries and colleges. It is organised into sections, highlighting the experience of colour as well as perception, scientific measurement, artistic practice, desire, power, identity and global marketing.

Hide and Seek: Looking for Children in the Past

Children outnumbered adults for most of human history, yet they rarely appear in the stories that museums tell. A past without children is incomplete.

This virtual exhibition, based on the physical display at MAA from 30 January 2016 – 29 January 2017, aims to redress the balance.

Some objects will be familiar: a doll, a sledge, a baby’s feeding bottle. Other artefacts won’t look like children’s objects: pots with small fingerprints, a tiny handaxe made 400,000 years ago, goldwork as fine as human hair. By looking carefully at all of this evidence, we will find out about children’s lives.

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